Curious about our integrative approach to safely applying essential oils during pregnancy?

Ready to feel confident recommending essential oils to others during their pregnancies?

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    Yes, it might be possible to find some correct information through various corners of the internet. But this FREE download will take the guesswork out of what to focus on. We’ve done the hard work for you.

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    Even if you did dig through the internet, it’s hard to know what you can believe.The information we’ve assembled for this download is a based on traditional wisdom and backed by evidence-based research and clinical experience.

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    You will be able to apply what you learn immediately so that you or your clients can benefit from the application of essential oils with confidence in their safety and basic skills immediately.

Who this is for:

ANYONE desiring to know clear, foundational information about the safe application of essential oils during maternity


PRACTITIONERS seeking to advance their knowledge


Individuals on their PERSONAL prenatal journey


SUPPORTERS of those on a who are expecting a baby

A few topics covered in our starter safety e-book include:

  • The #1 cause of harm caused linked to essential oil use
  • How to adapt applications to ensure safety during pregnancy
  • Our favorite essential oils for each phase of maternity
  • Which essential oils to avoid in pregnancy

meet the author

Stephanie McBride is a distinguished author, presenter, and a seasoned expert in the realm of aromatherapy and maternal health. With an extensive background encompassing nearly 30 years of dedicated natural health study and five years of clinical experience, Stephanie stands as a prominent figure in her field.

Stephanie's influence extends beyond borders. Her best-selling publication, "Essential Oils for Maternal Wellness," has been translated into nine languages. She is internationally recognized for her Aromabirth Certification program, establishing herself as an authority on aromatherapy in the context of childbirth.

Stephanie's educational journey transcends academic post-graduate studies to include in-depth case study and field studies in three different countries. These experiences provide her with a comprehensive understanding of traditional therapies and herbal remedies.

Stephanie McBride's qualifications and extensive background position her as a recognized trusted authority in the domains of natural health, herbalism, aromatherapy, and functional nutrition.

This free e-book and our Aromabirth training are for you if...

  • You are a birth professional looking to support your clients naturally
  • You are ready to understand how to apply essential oils safely during every phase of pregnancy
  • You want to find a more holistic and natural way to cope with prenatal discomforts and labor pain
  • You are overwhelmed with options for yourself or your partner
  • You would like to support a loved one during their maternity and postpartum

Did you know there are natural ways to support maternal health that many health care? Or that professionals don’t have the time or ability to cover in standard healthcare settings?