Whether you are birth professional seeking continuing education credentials, a parent-to-be, or an aromatherapy educator, this comprehensive course is your gateway to evidence-based guidelines for the safe and effective use of essential oils throughout the childbearing year, from conception through postpartum and infant care. Dive deep into the therapeutic properties of essential oils, explore production methods, master applications, concentrations, hands-on blending, and learn specific indications for clinical and everyday use. Safety and applicability are paramount, whether you're taking the training for your own self-care or in order to add a new modality to your birth practice.

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Dive into supporting women with essential oils in pregnancy, labor, birth, postpartum, and infant care.

  • Equip yourself with the right education. Our program is rooted in years of research and hands-on experience.
  • Discover the powerful truth—we need an integrative approach for maternal wellness beyond basics.
  • Beyond clinical knowledge, we believe in improving the pregnancy journey and bettering birth outcomes by empowering women with educational tools for natural self-care.
  • Pathway to add a new modality to your self-care regiment, home-based business or birth practice, sparking genuine, real-life change.
  • Valuable Aromabirth Certification plus Continuing education credits are available from Midwifery Education Accreditation Council (6) and American College of Nurse Midwives (5).

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  • What is aromabirth?

    Aromabirth© Certification offers the preparedness needed in order to navigate your own pregnancy or provide support for expectant mothers on their transformative journey through pregnancy and birth, using the power of essential oils to address common health concerns and discomforts. Participants will complete the program equipped to navigate both the emotional and physical challenges that arise during maternity. Their expertise will extend to cultivating an environment that promotes overall well-being throughout this precious journey. Whether you seek to gain knowledge of this essential health modality for personal use or to embark on a sustainable and fulfilling career, our program will guide you in easing common discomforts and embracing a serene maternity lifestyle, ensuring lasting and meaningful results.

  • Why train with us?

    Prepare to embark on a unique journey with Aromabirth Certification, a program designed to equip you with everything you need to kickstart your own natural pregnancy or career in guiding women through maternity using essential oils. This comprehensive program not only provides knowledge and skills but also offers a community forum where you'll find like-minded individuals who are practicing Aromabirth methods. Upon completion, you will be Aromabirth Certified and receive continuing education credits, joining an exclusive group of specialized birth professionals, empowered parents, and wellness providers. Elevate your expertise and make a real impact in the realm of essential oil support for maternity and beyond. ***Accredited by the American College of Nurse-Midwives and Midwifery Education Accreditation Council.

  • Is it Safe & Ethical?

    Our program places a strong emphasis on safety, scope of practice, and ethics, ensuring that guide you to the highest standard of safety and care for yourself and your clients. We offer this course in multiple languages and with global pricing. Aromabirth was founded by Stephanie McBride with a mission to educate and encourage the safe and effective use of essential oils during pregnancy, birth, postpartum, and infant care. Stephanie is a highly qualified professional in the field of natural health, making her a recognized authority in realms such as herbalism, aromatherapy, and functional nutrition. Aromabirth is open to anyone passionate about holistic health and wellness. You don't need to be a birth professional to benefit from this program, add to your toolkit or enhance your self-care practices.

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Who is this for?

Whether you are birth professional seeking continuing education credentials, a parent-to-be, or an aromatherapy educator, this comprehensive course is your gateway to evidence-based guidelines for the safe and effective use of essential oils throughout the childbearing year, from conception through postpartum and infant care. Dive deep into the therapeutic properties of essential oils, explore production methods, master applications, concentrations, hands-on blending, and learn specific indications for clinical and everyday use. Safety is paramount, whether you're at home or in a hospital setting.

After successfully completing the course and passing the five quizzes, you'll have the confidence and expertise to successfully earn Aromabirth© certification and begin applying your advanced new skills.

For Birth Professionals

Imagine a birthing experience where fear and pain are replaced with calm and confidence. Think of the profound impact you can make on your clients by introducing them to a natural, evidence-based approach that not only alleviates physical discomfort but also empowers them emotionally.

Picture the gratitude and trust from your clients when you guide them through labor with less pain, fewer medical interventions, and a faster recovery. Essential oils can provide this transformative experience, proven by midwives who have seen reduced anxiety, less tearing during childbirth, and quicker postpartum recoveries.

By joining the Aromabirth certification program, you’re not just gaining a new skill; you’re joining a movement to bring better birth outcomes and enhance prenatal care. You’ll be equipped to answer all the pressing questions about using essential oils safely and effectively, making you a trusted source of comfort and knowledge.

This is more than just a training program—it’s your chance to transform lives, starting with your own. Let’s make the journey of birth a beautiful, empowered experience together.

Join us, and let’s change the way we approach birth and prenatal care.

For Moms-to-Be

Imagine a pregnancy where morning sickness, back pain, and sleepless nights are significantly reduced, where you feel more in control of your body and your journey.

Essential oils offer you a natural, evidence-based way to address your health issues and emotional challenges, bringing almost immediate improvement to symptoms. Moms have shared how these oils give them more energy, less anxiousness, and support with digestion and hormonal balance.

By joining the Aromabirth certification program, you’ll be empowered to manage your own health and well-being naturally. This is your opportunity to take control and enhance your pregnancy experience.

This program is more than just a training—it’s your chance to make your pregnancy journey a beautiful, empowered experience.

Join us, and let’s transform the prenatal journey together.

Course Modules & Content

As a student, you'll enjoy the convenience of downloadable course materials, including:

  • A comprehensive handout. This 28-35 page (depending on the language) guide is a treasure trove of usage instructions, safety guidelines, quality standards, Birth Kit Blends, detailed monographs for 18 essential oils, and helpful oil usage charts.
  • A course bibliography.
  • Five interactive online quizzes.

Course Modules-

Module 1: Fundamentals This e-course begins with an in-depth introduction to essential oil therapy that includes an overview of historical uses, schools of thinking from modern schools of aromatherapy, essential oil attributes and their clinical effects on physiology, and criteria for determining essential oil quality. 

Module 2: Applications and Dosing Module two provides a clinical explanation and examples for using the three main essential oil applications: Aromatic, topical, and internal. Topics covered include: dosing, modes of application, and the safe and effective use of carriers. 

Module 3: Safety in Maternity Module three covers guidelines for the safe application of essential oils during each phase of pregnancy. Areas of focus include: General safety, potential toxicity, therapeutic actions, herb-drug interactions, and contraindications for use during pregnancy, labor, and postpartum. 

Module 4: Use in Pregnancy This module addresses the most common uses for essential oil use during pregnancy, including: Nausea, vomiting, poor digestion, stress, fatigue, trouble sleeping, muscular aches and pains, vascular irregularities, swelling, and preparing for childbirth. 

Module 5: Use in Labor This module offers indications for the key uses for essential oils during labor, including: Preparing the birth space, calming anxious feelings, coping with discomfort, exhaustion, and healthy delivery.

Module 6: Use in Postpartum This module addresses the most common indications for postpartum, including: Afterpains, heavy bleeding, care for tender skin, perineal care, hormonal balance, baby blues, breast health, and healthy milk production.

Module 7: Use in Infant Care Module seven covers safety guidelines for supporting infant health with essential oils. Participants will learn uses, applications, and concentrations for gently supporting: Digestive health, teething, calm, sleep, and skincare. 

​Module 8: Materia Aromatica This module, presented from an herbalist's perspective, provides summaries of 18 of the best essential oils for use in maternal and infant care. Each oil is characterized by its native location, aromatic parts, most important medicinal attributes, and any known contraindications. It also introduces the "Doctrine of Signatures", an ancient system of knowledge used by herbalists to better understand the unique attributes of individual plants. 

Module 9: Putting it Into Practice (available in English only)This session helps students to put the principles of aromatherapy and its uses during maternity into practice.  It consists of instructive video demonstrations of basic essential oil applications, dilutions, related research, and DIY projects, including chocolate-making.  

Aromabirth Reviews

"Stephanie's Aromabirth program is filled with wonderful evidence-based research on essential oils that are safe to use during pregnancy, in labor and postpartum as well as with infants. She starts with the history of essential oils and goes on to talk about oils that are covered in her e-course that are safe to use. This knowledge is very much needed, because there is a lot of misguided information out there that can harm new mothers and their babies."

Sandra Golaszewski, Midwife

"Stephanie's training is amazing! I have researched this topic for years, so I thought this course was going to be a refresher for me... but boy, was I ever wrong! I've learned so much from this course. I also love how it's go-at-your-own-pace.Stephanie gives great handouts to use as references.The knowledge you get from this course is priceless!"

Kayla McNeill, Infant Massage Instructor

"I loved learning about the history of essential oil use, especially in birth. I found the recipes themselves to be particularly helpful. It's nice knowing which oils blend well together, and for which purposes, because you don't find that in a lot of other courses. I also found the info about the Doctrine of signatures to be very useful. There was a very good framework for each oil and how it's sourced, which informs how it should be used.There were helpful safety rules given in the course,like the difference between midwives and doulas in how you should be handling/prescribing oils, and what training/level of professionalism you need to handle them safely. There was also important information  covering when NOT to use the oils, like neat on the newborn's skin, and specific limits for blood pressure management. I really appreciated that specific guidance!"

Taylor, Doula

"I've already started using some of the blends you recommend in your course in my practice and have seen amazing results.I think I've been most impressed with the blend to help with placental separation... I've used ittwiceon placentas that did not want to come just before I was going to call my back-up doctor and both times within 30 seconds, out came the placenta. I love it, my laboring moms love it, and I'm just really happy I found your course." 

Devon Welling, Advanced Practice Midwife

"Today I had a pregnant patient come in struggling with getting the birthing process going since tomorrow she will be at 42 weeks! I missed my call with Stephanie to do visceral manipulation and essential oil support to get the labor moving along. So I texted Stephanie and she suggested several things. I tried visceral manipulation with lavender and the Clary Calm roller and got the baby to drop after 20 minutes. Still progressing but soon-to-be mama is on her way tonight." 

Jill Ghormley, Naturopathic Physician

"Thank you for the fantastic class.  I continue to go to the site and learn more by listening over and over again. Now I just need to have some hands-on experience, which you have helped to instill." 

Betty Ludlow, Midwife

"I learned a lot of things that I will be sure to apply during my next pregnancy, and I plan to share that information with my friends and family. Stephanie had a lot of information to share that was quite helpful and I know many people will benefit."

Sheliese Fenn, Blog writer, Aromatools

"Great experience and a presentation that was well thought out!"


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We can't wait for you to begin this journey!

Unlock the transformative potential of aromatherapy in pregnancy, birth, postpartum, and infant care with Aromabirth. Join us on this journey towards holistic, empowered, and informed care for individuals and families during one of life's most precious moments.

Meet the presenter

Stephanie McBride is a distinguished author, presenter, and a seasoned expert in the realm of aromatherapy and maternal health. With an extensive background encompassing nearly 30 years of dedicated natural health study and five years of clinical experience, Stephanie stands as a prominent figure in her field.

Stephanie's influence extends beyond borders. Her best-selling publication, "Essential Oils for Maternal Wellness," has been translated into nine languages. She is internationally recognized for her Aromabirth Certification program, establishing herself as an authority on aromatherapy in the context of childbirth.

Stephanie's educational journey transcends academic post-graduate studies to include in-depth case study and field studies in three different countries. These experiences provide her with a comprehensive understanding of traditional therapies and herbal remedies.

Stephanie McBride's qualifications and extensive background position her as a recognized trusted authority in the domains of natural health, herbalism, aromatherapy, and functional nutrition.

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