Aromatherapy for Your Prenatal Journey

Embark on your prenatal journey with Stephanie McBride and experience enhanced vitality, reduced discomfort, and an increased likelihood of improved birth outcomes through the informed use of safe essential oils for pregnancy. Whether you're a birth professional seeking to expand your practice or a proactive parent-to-be, we are here to meet your needs with our globally acclaimed resources. Discover insightful and informative books, accredited, on-demand certification programs, and meticulously curated birth kits featuring top-quality essential oils. Our offerings are designed to uplift the prenatal experience, focusing on how essential oils are used to support wellness and comfort during this transformative time.

  • Optimize Your Pregnancy

    Immerse yourself in a journey of enhanced relaxation, energy, and minimized discomfort, ultimately contributing to improved overall well-being during pregnancy.

  • Evolve Your Birth Practice

    Equip yourself to support clients to address discomforts, improve birth outcomes, and unlock a business opportunity by mastering the art of this transformative topic.

  • Access learning tools globally

    Experience the convenience of multi-lingual tools alongside fair and equitable World Bank pricing, fostering a globally inclusive learning environment.

Praise from Our Readers & Students

"Stephanie's training is amazing! I have researched this topic for years, so I thought this course was going to be a refresher for me... but boy, was I ever wrong! I've learned so much from this course. I also love how it's go-at-your-own-pace.Stephanie gives great handouts to use as references. The knowledge you get from this course is priceless!”

-Kayla McNeill, Infant Massage Instructor, Canada

"I've already started using some of the blends you recommend in your course in my practice and have seen amazing results.I think I've been most impressed with the blend to help with placental separation... I've used it twice on placentas that did not want to come just before I was going to call my back-up doctor and both times within 30 seconds, out came the placenta. I love it, my laboring moms love it, and I'm just really happy I found your course." 

-Devon Welling, Advanced Practice Midwife, USA

This book is written with such sensitivity, subtlety care for the sacred state of a woman! As a doctor, I was particularly pleased with the author's attention to the proper and safe use of essential oils. There is candid experience, aromatherapy knowledge, and personal stories. Everything is very clearly stated, and these recommendations are easy to use in practice. I recommend every woman to read it, because with the help of essential oils and Stephanie McBride's recommendations you will discover the wonderful healing world of aromatherapy.

-Dr. Mishina Olga, Integration Physician, Russia

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Our community enjoys

  • Essential Oils for Pregnancy: Customized guidance for using essential oils during the prenatal period.
  • Safe Essential Oils for Pregnancy: Protocols to ensure the safe use of essential oils for expecting mothers.
  • Essential Oils for Pregnancy Nausea: Hand-picked selections to alleviate nausea naturally during pregnancy.
  • Essential Oils for Pregnancy, Birth, and Babies: High-quality products and information for each stage—from gestation to postnatal care.
  • Best Essential Oils for Pregnancy Nausea: Detailed handouts on top-recommended oils to comfort and ease pregnancy-related nausea.
  • Self-paced Study: Learn at your convenience with resources tailored for the safe application of essential oils throughout pregnancy.

Why Become Aromabirth© Certified?

Whether you are birth professional seeking continuing education credentials, a parent-to-be, or an aromatherapy educator, this comprehensive course is your gateway to evidence-based guidelines for the safe and effective use of essential oils throughout the childbearing year, from conception through postpartum and infant care. Dive deep into the therapeutic properties of essential oils, explore production methods, master applications, concentrations, hands-on blending, and learn specific indications for clinical and everyday use. Safety and applicability are paramount, whether you're taking the training for your own self-care or in order to add a new modality to your birth practice.


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    Rooted in Wisdom: Exploring Herbalism through Ancient and Modern Lenses

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    Immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of learning methods, seamlessly blending ancient wisdom with modern understanding in this free, on demand class. Guided by the Native American Medicine Wheel, we'll explore how the four cardinal directions illuminate diverse pathways to herbal wisdom. Let the plants be your teachers, weaving a tapestry of knowledge that spans the ages. This talk is full of invaluable insights. Watch on demand now by signing up!

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    Aromabirth Certification: Our Signature Training Course

    Unlock the transformative potential of aromatherapy in pregnancy, birth, postpartum, and infant care with Aromabirth. Become Aromabirth Certified and join us on this journey towards holistic, empowered, and informed care for individuals and families during one of life's most precious moments. Available on demand. Choose Professional or Essential track in English, Spanish, Portuguese, German or Italian.