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Integrating essential oils into motherhood and childbirth is an incredible gift to offer yourself or an expectant mother. Essential oils can be used safely and effectively to decrease most of the common discomforts that arise during pregnancy. Learning how to apply essential oils during this time is imperative for maternal well-being on every level: emotional, physical, mental and spiritual. 


Are you a birth professional or someone interested in enhancing pregnancy, birth, postpartum, and infant care experiences through natural and holistic methods? Look no further than Aromabirth©, an innovative certification program designed to equip individuals with the knowledge and skills to harness the incredible potential of essential oils in the world of childbirth.

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Explore a world of wisdom in the realm of birth and aromatherapy with Stephanie McBride's featured publications. From pregnancy to postpartum and infant care, her multi-lingual books offer a wealth of knowledge and insights, making her a trusted name in the field. Unlock a treasure trove of essential information, thoughtfully crafted to enhance your birthing journey and empower you with the soothing magic of aromatherapy.

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Upcoming Events

  • 14 Jan

    Introduction to Aromatherapy


    Embark on a comprehensive exploration of aromatherapy in this introductory course. Delve into the historical usage, application techniques, safety measures, concentration principles, blending strategies, and assessment skills for both personal and professional essential oil application. Approach this aromatic journey with mindful inhalation, thoughtful application, and witness the unfolding of a therapeutic odyssey. Note that this is an in-person event held in Portland, Oregon. If you are interested in taking this course online, please sign up for our Newsletter to be notified of its launch.

  • 5 Feb

    Aromatherapy in Midwifery Practice: Clinical Pearls


    "Aromatherapy in Midwifery Practice: Clinical Pearls" will highlight the most important uses for aromatherapy during the perinatal period, from the moment of conception through the first month of postpartum. This discussion will begin with a short introduction to aromatherapy which will include the primary methods of essential oil application, a brief overview of why aromatherapy is an effective natural therapy, and key safety considerations that are unique for use during maternity. Guidelines will be derived from overlapping evidence-based research, anecdotal evidence, and personal experience to ensure both safe and effective use.

    This presentation is part of the GOLD Midwifery Online Conference, a fantastic international online event that includes many notable key speakers and will be live February 5- May 3.