Love-Filled DIY Chocolate!

Artículo publicado en: 14 feb 2024 Autor del artículo: Stephanie McBride
Tangerine Pomegranate DIY Chocolate
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Tangerine-Infused Raw Chocolates for Self-love and Sweethearts

In the spirit of love and wellness, I'm sharing a recipe I've been making for years. It not only tantalizes your taste buds but also nurtures your body and soul. Introducing the Tangerine-infused Raw Chocolates made with potent Maca powder and fresh Pomegranate seeds. This isn't just any treat; it's a concoction designed to enhance fertility, stir passions, and support postpartum recovery, thanks to the natural aphrodisiacs and superfood ingredients.

Ingredients You'll Need:

  • Raw Cacao Butter: 1 cup (237 ml, heaping, measured in solid form)
  • Virgin, Unrefined Coconut Oil: 1 cup (237 ml)
  • Honey: 4-5 Tbs. (60-75 ml, sweeten to taste)
  • Fresh Pomegranate Seeds: A handful (or substitute with dried Cranberries, nuts, or another dried fruit)
  • Raw Cacao Powder: 3/4 cup (96 g)
  • Mesquite Powder: 1/4 cup (32 g)
  • Maca Powder: 3 Tbs. (26 g)
  • Therapeutic-grade Tangerine Essential Oil: 20-30 drops (Citrus reticulata)

Preparation Steps:

  1. Start by melting the Cacao Butter and Coconut Oil in a double boiler over gentle heat.
  2. Arrange pomegranate seeds into chocolate molds, setting them on a cutting board for easy fridge transfer later.
  3. Whisk together the Cacao Powder, Mesquite, and Maca in a large liquid measuring cup.
  4. Once the fats are melted, mix in honey to your liking, then stir in the Tangerine Essential Oil after cooling for a few minutes but while still liquid.
  5. Pour the melted fats over the powders, mix well to a pancake batter consistency, then spoon the chocolate over the pomegranate in the molds. Chill in the refrigerator to harden.

A Note of Caution:

Use only certified pure therapeutic-grade essential oils. Oral use of essential oils is not recommended during pregnancy.

Are Essential Oils Safe to Ingest?

When exploring the realm of natural wellness, a frequently asked question is whether it's safe to ingest essential oils. The short answer is that it can be, under specific conditions. It's crucial to ensure that any essential oil intended for ingestion is of therapeutic quality. This guarantees purity and effectiveness, minimizing risks associated with adulterated oils.

Moreover, including fats in recipes, as seen in our Tangerine-infused Raw Chocolates, plays a vital role in protecting mucous membranes. The presence of fats acts as an emulsifier, aiding in the safe incorporation of essential oils into our diets without irritating or damaging delicate internal tissues.

However, the oral use of essential oils, especially during pregnancy, should be approached with caution. Always seek advice from a qualified health practitioner to ensure safety for both mother and child. In our free eBook on Essential Oil Safety in Pregnancy, we delve deeper into this topic, offering comprehensive guidance on how to use essential oils safely during this special time.

Download the Free eBook Now to explore more about the safe use of essential oils, ensuring you're informed and equipped to integrate these natural wonders into your wellness journey responsibly.

Let these recipes bring more love and wellness into your life. Share, enjoy, and cherish each moment!