Two Awesome Oils for Pregnancy

(That you didn't think of!)

Unlock the secrets of a blissful pregnancy journey by discovering two extraordinary essential oils: Bergamot and Black Pepper. Download the hand-out.

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Why is aromatherapy so valuable?

  1. Scientific Support: Evidence-based research has show essential oil therapy to be both safe and effective for both self-care and clinical use during every phase of childbirth.
  2. Time-Tested Comfort: This ancient health modality is foundational in traditional health practice, offering a comforting and time-tested approach to maternity care.
  3. Holistic Personalization: Aromatherapy provides a personalized and holistic wellness experience, catering to individual needs for emotional and physical well-being, including during pregnancy, labor, postpartum and infancy.
  • Empowerment

    Aromabirth empowers you to make a positive impact on the perinatal experience by harnessing the natural healing properties of essential oils during this transformative phase of life.

  • Accessible to All

    Aromabirth is open to anyone passionate about holistic health and wellness. You don't need to be a birth professional to benefit from this program to add this powerful modality and certification to your toolkit or enhance your self-care practices.

  • Safe and Ethical

    Our program places a strong emphasis on safety, ethics, and evidence-based practices, ensuring that you provide the highest standard of care to you or your clients.

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