"Essence Alchemy: Foundations in Aromatherapy"

Dive into the ancient and noble art of aromatherapy with our immersive six-part course, "Essence Alchemy: Foundations in Aromatherapy."

This enlightening series is designed to connect you deeply with the roots of aromatherapy, blending traditional wisdom with modern practice. From the historical use of essential oils in ancient civilizations to the cutting-edge applications of today, you'll explore the fascinating world of aromatherapy across two distinct schools: the English and the French.

Discover the science behind the scents, learn about key medicinal constituents like esters and terpenes, and understand what makes an essential oil therapeutic quality.

With hands-on experience in blending and applying oils, you'll learn not just the theory but the practice of aromatherapy, guided by centuries of wisdom and the latest in scientific research. This course is your gateway to understanding the holistic benefits of aromatherapy, including safety precautions, herb/drug interactions, and the art of crafting personalized blends for wellness.

What's Included:

  • Comprehensive overview of aromatherapy history from ancient practices to modern applications.
  • Deep dives into the English and French schools of aromatherapy, including their methods and leading figures.
  • Essential knowledge on the chemistry behind essential oils and their healing properties.
  • Practical guidance on evaluating essential oil quality, from sourcing to processing.
  • Hands-on experiences in aromatic, topical, and internal applications of essential oils.
  • Safety training for responsible use, including herb/drug interactions and emergency responses.
  • Creative blending workshops to craft your own aromatherapy concoctions with base, medium, and top notes.
  • Unique learning perspectives combining scientific research, personal experiences, plant meditation, and ancient wisdom.

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