Praise From Our Readers & Students

"Stephanie's training is amazing! I have researched this topic for years, so I thought this course was going to be a refresher for me... but boy, was I ever wrong! I've learned so much from this course. I also love how it's go-at-your-own-pace. Stephanie gives great handouts to use as references. The knowledge you get from this course is priceless!”

-Kayla McNeill, Infant Massage Instructor, Canada

"I've already started using some of the blends recommend in Stephanie’s Aromabirth course in my practice and have seen amazing results. I think I've been most impressed with the blend to help with placental separation... I've used it twice on placentas that did not want to come just before I was going to call my back-up doctor and both times within 30 seconds, out came the placenta. I love it, my laboring moms love it, and I'm just really happy I found this course." 

-Devon Welling, Advanced Practice Midwife, USA

This book is written with such sensitivity, subtlety and care for the sacred state of a woman! As a doctor, I was particularly pleased with the author's attention to the proper and safe use of essential oils. There is candid experience, aromatherapy knowledge, and personal stories. Everything is very clearly stated, and these recommendations are easy to use in practice. I recommend every woman to read it, because with the help of essential oils and Stephanie McBride's recommendations you will discover the wonderful healing world of aromatherapy.

-Dr. Mishina Olga, Integration Physician, Russia

I want to share with you what it makes me feel to read and see Stephanie's path and where it has led her. I love it. Her project, book, course are very complete and communicate well the deep information that you share. She has managed to gather valuable information in a practical and accessible way, without losing focus on the responsibility of what is being discussed. It is a great, great contribution, the one she has pressed... congratulations! I send Stephanie a big hug full of gratitude...

-Devapriyá Débora Dufourt, Partera Tradicional, Argentina

A beautiful book that combines technical advice with lovely relatable stories in a digestible format. Although this book gives advice on relieving the many discomforts of pregnancy it also gives general advice on the usage and benefits of essential oils and so is usable by a much wider audience than solely pregnant women. Stephanie has created the perfect book for the novice who wishes to dip their toe (or immerse themselves) into the wonderful world of essential oils and all it has to offer.

-Lorna Dowling, Mother of four, Essential Oil user, Ireland

I love that everything is so practical, you can really start to heal yourself with this information. The information tables are really helpful and the information is organized in a way that makes it very clear the possible use and precautions of each Essential Oil. I am super motivated to learn more about this.

-Claudia Lucía Sánchez Morales, Aprendiz de Partera Tradicional y Estudiante de Maestría en Partería, Mérida, Yucatan