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Hi! We're a small, women-led business on a mission to enhance women's health during maternity. The insights we offer in our books, e-books, and Aromabirth training course stem from a blend of academic and field studies, meticulous research, clinical experience, case studies, and global interviews. We're not tied to any particular brand of essential oils. We provide comprehensive guidelines on using essential oils safely and effectively to boost vitality, address common discomforts, lift mood, and improve birth outcomes. Our resources are now available in multiple languages, with global pricing, and we offer scholarships and continuing education credits based on need. We're convinced that teaming up with you could significantly broaden our reach and impact. We're glad to offer you 10% in affiliate commissions and complimentary access to our e-book and Aromabirth training, with the option to earn CE credits, in exchange for your help in spreading the word about us to your followers.

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